About Us

Full Smart Home Automation

Produces and commercializes automation systems for our life with varied types of use.​

To automatize our homes with simple practical gestures is the dream of everybody: today this dream becomes reality, thanks to a big range of products thought by Smart Life, with efficiency and reliability to the life of every day.
Proudly Made in Egypt

Our all products are totally designed and implemented by Egyptian Engineers and ​assembled in our factories with high accurecy quality controls and assurance testing.

Our Team

  1. Muhamad Alaa
    Founder and Operations Director
  2. Ahmed Alaa
    Sales and Marketing Director
  3. Mohamad Goda
    Fire Fighting and Mechanics Consultant
  4. Randa Kamal
    Mobile Apps Consultant
  5. Abd Elrahman
    Technicians Leader
  6. Alaa Elden Abo-zaid
  7. Hazem
    Aluminum Shutters
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